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Hard Halloween Sudoku

Skip the festival of the dead this Halloween. If you want something really scary play Hard Halloween Sudoku! Adios Medium Halloween Sudoku! Hard Halloween Sudoku is where the big ghosts play! But do not leave this haunted house sudoku in a panic yet! Hard Halloween Sudoku is played the same as it's easier counterparts, you will have to fill this online strategy game with the digits 1 through 9. But watch out, none of the your answers will be as easily discovered at this level.

A black cat has crossed between you and your Hard Halloween Sudoku, is it worth the risk? Yes! This online sudoku game features all the halloween puzzle game fun you need! To play, place digits one through nine into all columns, rows, and 3x3 squares on the Halloween Sudoku board. Just do not go trigger happy with your digits this Halloween! If you place a bad pumpkin with the wrong number in a clear space then time will be added to your score!

To be frank, even Frankenstein is a little scared of Hard Halloween Sudoku! He will have to use all his nuts and bolts to win this level of online sudoku! And so will you, be prepared to use more complicated techniques of pattern finding to deduce the answers in this hard free sudoku game. If you need a helpful skeleton hand this Halloween to win then take advantage of the puzzle in the bottom right corner of the sudoku puzzle. You will be able to use this pencil to enable note taking in Hard Halloween Sudoku!

Sudoku Halloween Game

  • Who needs a haunted house for halloween frights? Play the very scary Hard Halloween Sudoku!
  • Use the helpful pencil in the bottom right corner of the sudoku grid to take notes.
  • There are hundreds of Hard Halloween Sudoku games for you to play on your way to the top - Expert Halloween Sudoku!


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