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Expert Halloween Sudoku

It's a Halloween Hallelujah! You have made it through Easy, Medium, and Hard Halloween Sudoku games and are now an Expert! Expert Halloween Sudoku is our top level of web sudoku on SudokuHalloween.com! If you can beat this difficult strategy game than you deserve kudos to the highest degree! It is pretty much equivalent to bobbing 100 apples in under a minute!

Ghosts, ghouls, witches, and vampires all play Expert Halloween Sudoku with the same objective as other levels of free sudoku games. Place a digit one through nine into each row, column, and 3x3 box only once on the sudoku board. Just like the other strategy games on the Halloween Sudoku site if you place the wrong number in the sudoku game then time will be added to your game.

If you want to conquer the elusive Expert Halloween Sudoku then be prepared to take notes. Use the pencil icon to the right of the sudoku board and under the pumpkins to do this. This pencil both enables and disables notes. Here is a helpful hint - use the technique called the X-Wing while playing this puzzle game. An X-Wing pattern occurs when two rows (or two columns) each contain only two cells that hold a matching candidate. This candidate must reside in both rows and share the same two columns or vice versa.

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  • Whether you are bobbing apples of playing Expert Halloween Sudoku, you are a champ!
  • Use the X-Wing technique and the nifty pencil icon to take notes at this level on online sudoku.
  • There are hundreds of Expert Halloween Sudoku games to play with 24/7 games!


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