Hard Christmas Sudoku

All we want for Christmas is our two front teeth! Our two front teeth and Hard Christmas Sudoku! You will need your two front teeth to take a bite out of this fruitcake because Hard Christmas Sudoku is tough! Tough but still edible! The more you play Hard Christmas Sudoku the more you will will love this fun strategy game! A bonus christmas gift is that there are hundreds of Hard Christmas Sudoku for you to perfect your game on!

Play this challenging puzzle game with the same rules as Easy and Medium Christmas Sudoku but just with a little more spice. A little extra frankincense and myrrh if you will! Sudoku employs a 9x9 board consisting of nine 3x3 squares. The objective of this strategy game is to fill each column, row, and 3x3 square with the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Use the numbers on your keyboard or the numbers in the presents to the left and right of the sudoku board to fill empty spots on the sudoku board.

Fans of Hard Christmas Sudoku still use logic to win this great seasonal online sudoku game, just more advance logic! Elves, Abominable Snowmen, and Santa are all prepared to win this sudoku game with more complicated techniques of pattern finding to derive answers in this web sudoku puzzle! Use the pencil topped with Santas hat at the bottom right corner of the sudoku board to take notes while playing Hard Christmas Sudoku!

Puzzle Game Wonderland

  • Hard Christmas Sudoku is a tough nut to crack! Have a Nutcracker?
  • Make sure to enter the right answer when playing Christmas Sudoku! If you enter the wrong one time will be added to your score.
  • Utilize the festive pencil to the right of the sudoku boards to take notes while playing this hard sudoku game!


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