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Christmas Sudoku Easy

No matter how big Santa is, he can easily pop down your chimney! And no matter how new you are to sudoku, you can easily play Christmas Easy Sudoku! Christmas Easy Sudoku is simpler than other strategy games on the Christmas Sudoku website because at all times several answers can be discovered on the sudoku board. The holiday season will be nine times as fun with Christmas Easy Sudoku!

All Christmas Sudoku games are played with the same rules. To win this holiday strategy game players have to completely fill the Christmas Sudoku board with the numbers 1 through 9. Each column, row, and 3x3 square within the colored christmas lights must have each number, 1 through 9, entered only once! You can fill the spaces in this puzzle game with Christmas panache by selecting the number within the presents to the left and right of the sudoku grid. If you are not in the mood for so much sudoku flair feel free to also choose the number to fill any free sudoku space from your keyboard. Don't get on Santa's naughty list and choose the wrong number though! Christmas Sudoku will add coals, i.e., extra time if you do!

The origins of modern sudoku are not exactly known. The best guess is that Howard Garns, of Indiana perfected the puzzle game that we all know and love. But wherever this dazzling strategy game is from, one thing is certain, it will always be available to patrons of 24/7 Games! In this sudoku is reminiscent of the mystery of Santa Clause, just as no matter where you are he will be able to find you on Christmas night, no matter where you are you will be able to play online Christmas Sudoku Easy!

Holly Jolly Online Sudoku

  • Christmas Sudoku Easy is perfect for beginner sudoku players!
  • Completely fill the sudoku boards with numbers one through nine to win this strategy game!
  • Christmas Sudoku is always available free online through 24/7 Games!


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