Valentine's Day Sudoku Easy

Falling in love with Valentine's Day Sudoku is, well, Easy! This online sudoku game is no funny valentine, answers are straightforward and abundant. Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku is easier than the sudoku games of higher difficulty on the Valentine's Day Sudoku site because less strategic play is required. Players still have to follow sudoku rules but they will find that multiple answers can be found on the board. Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku is the summer love of Sudoku. It is short, sweet, and fun. Enjoy!

The rules to Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku are simple. Let's start with the board. The Sudoku board consists of nine columns and nine rows. Within that there are also nine 3x3 squares. Fill each empty square on the sudoku board with the numbers one through nine. Each 3x3 square, row, and column can contain the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 only once. If you enter the wrong number in a square on the sudoku board than you will be penalized by having time added to the timer at the bottom left corner of the Valentine's Day Sudoku board.

This fun loving and easy puzzle game is not only pretty it is also great for your brain! Clouded though it may be with puppy love you can still improve your mind elasticity with the stimulating strategy of Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku!

Online Sudoku Kisses

  • Find an abundant amount of answers on the Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku board.
  • Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku is fun for beginners and veterans of sudoku.
  • Sudoku puzzle games are a great way stimulate your mind.


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