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Medium Valentine's Day Sudoku

What the world needs now is love sweet love! Love sweet love and Medium Valentine's Day Sudoku! Medium Valentine's Day Sudoku is slightly more difficult than Easy Sudoku because players will not find the answers as easily in this second level of online sudoku. Medium Valentine's Day Sudoku still employs simple logic though, this free sudoku game is the perfect next step in sudoku development.

Medium Valentine's Day Sudoku has the same objective as other levels of Valentine's Day Sudoku. The sudoku board is a nine by nine board, nine rows across and nine columns down. Within the sudoku boards rows and columns there are also nine 3x3 sudoku squares. For sudoku players to win Medium Valentine's Day Sudoku every empty space on the sudoku board must be filled with the numbers one through nine. The challenge of this free online strategy game is that you can only enter one through nine once in each 3x3 square, column, and row. If you enter the incorrect number when playing sudoku there will be time added to your score, so choose carefully!

Medium Valentine's Day Sudoku is more challenging than the easy version of this fun sudoku game. Because this puzzle game is a little harder players may want to take advantage of the hint option on the Valentine's Day Sudoku site. Simple select the pencil with the adorable cupids wings at the bottom right hand of the sudoku board. By clicking on the flying pencil the game will be switched over to note taking mode. This way you can try out numbers in a space and you will not be penalized if they are wrong. The minature number will stay there throughout your game for your reference while you play sudoku. Simply click on the pencil again to disable sudoku notes. Have fun playing this free sudoku game!

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  • Medium Valentine's Day Sudoku is the logical next step after players have mastered Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku.
  • Be sure to enter the correct number on the sudoku board, time will be added to your score if you decide on the wrong number!
  • Enable the useful note taking option by clicking on the flying pencil at the bottom right corner of the sudoku game.


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