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Medium Thanksgiving Sudoku

Is the gravy a little thin for your taste at Thanksgiving Easy Sudoku? If you are prepared for a thicker, more challenging sudoku game then try your hand at Medium Thanksgiving Sudoku. Like Thanksgiving Easy Sudoku, Medium Sudoku can also be solved with simple logic. However, this web game is a tad bit more of a challenge since the surplus of answers that you will find within Easy Sudoku are no longer available.

Play this online puzzle game in the same fashion you would the other levels of Thanksgiving Sudoku. Use the numbers one through nine to fill the sudoku board. Each 3x3 sub-grid, each column, and each row must contain all of the digits mentioned above. Don't be a turkey this Thanksgiving though and start just adding numbers to the square willy nilly! If you enter the wrong numbers in the strategy game then time will be added to your online sudoku game.

Settle in for some quality digestion time after your delicious Thanksgiving meal with Medium Thanksgiving Sudoku! There are hundreds of game for you to play and keep your brain juices flowing. Because not only are sudoku puzzles very fun they are also fantastic for your brain!

Fun Sudoku Puzzles

  • Thanksgiving Medium Sudoku is the next step as you climb the sudoku ladder to expert status!
  • Be careful where you place the digit filled gobblers at each side of the sudoku board. If you place an incorrect number, time will be added to your web sudoku score.
  • There are hundreds of Thanksgiving Medium Sudoku games to choose from!


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