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Hard Thanksgiving Sudoku

Enjoy your cherry pie, apple pie, pecan pie, and Hard Thanksgiving Sudoku pie this Thanksgiving Holiday. There is nothing in life sweeter than a slice of this web sudoku game! Hard Thanksgiving Sudoku steps up the fun puzzle challenge on Thanksgiving You will find hundreds of hard sudoku strategy games here for you to perfect your sudoku skills.

Hard Thanksgiving Sudoku employs the same sudoku rules as all other sudoku games at Thanksgiving Fill the Hard Thanksgiving Sudoku board with the numbers one through nine and you have won the game! Sounds too good to be true, right? Right! The twist to this sudoku puzzle is that you can only place the number 1 through 9 in each column, row, and 3x3 square once. If you slip and add a wrong number into a column, row, or 3x3 box in this strategy game more than once that you will be penalized. Time will be added to your score. They do not call this web sudoku game Hard for nothing!

This free sudoku games is as hard as plymouth rock so you will have to use your most advanced puzzle fighting techniques to conquer the brave new world of Hard Thanksgiving Sudoku! Hints will help you win this hard online sudoku game so use the handy feather at the bottom right corner of the sudoku board to activate note taking. Good Luck Pilgrim! 24/7 games wishes you safe mind travels as your brain tackles Hard Thanksgiving Sudoku!

Thanksgiving Puzzle Game

  • Pumpkin spice up your Thanksgiving with Hard Thanksgiving Sudoku!
  • Think twice before adding a number to the free sudoku board, the wrong one will add time to your score.
  • Use the feather at the bottom right corner of the sudoku board to enable note taking.


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