Hard Spring Sudoku

Spring weather is heaven unless you have hay fever, then it can be hard! Hard like Hard Spring Sudoku, but you are sure not to be allergic to this fun strategy game! Hard Spring Sudoku employs the same rules as it's easier sudoku counterparts, use logic and sudoku strategy to win this Hard Sudoku game! Sudoku players will find that there are not a surplus of answers on the sudoku board. It will take more cunning and thoughtful selection to win Hard Spring Sudoku but do not fret! There are hundreds of Hard Sudoku Games available for you to perfect your sudoku skills!

If you have reached the sudoku skill level to play Hard Spring Sudoku then you know the sudoku drill by now! Hard Spring Sudoku is played on a sudoku board made up of nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3x3 sudoku squares. Fill each empty space on the sudoku board with the numbers one through nine. Each column, row, and 3x3 square may contain the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Make sure that you know the right number to enter before making a move in this puzzle game! If you make the wrong sudoku move then time will be added to the sudoku time at the bottom left corner.

Use Hard Spring Sudoku's winged icons to assist you in winning this free sudoku game! Use the number filled bumble bees to the right and left of the sudoku board to enter the digits 1 through 9. Click on the empty sudoku space you would like to fill and then click the appropriate bumble bee. Voila! The empty space will fill with your selected number. Buzz your way to a Hard Spring Sudoku game victory!

Butterfly Puzzle Games

  • Hard Spring Sudoku requires more calculated and strategic play to win this advanced level sudoku game.
  • Hard Spring Sudoku used the same nine row, nine column, nine 3x3 square sudoku board as all other Spring Sudoku games.
  • Use the number filled bumble bees to enter the digits one through nine onto the Hard Spring Sudoku board.


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