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Expert Spring Sudoku

The weather is heating up and so is Spring Sudoku with Expert Spring Sudoku! This expert puzzle game is not for the feint of heart! It takes some real sudoku chops to win this sudoku game! Superior logic is needed to choose the correct number to enter on the sudoku board. Because there are fewer answers on an expert sudoku board be extra certain that you choose the right number! Time will be added to your sudoku score if enter the wrong number. Good luck!

Yes, Expert Spring Sudoku is really hard but it is played with the same basic rules as any other sudoku game. The fun starts with the sudoku board, a nine by nine sudoku playground with nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3x3 squares. Fill each row, column, and square with the numbers one through nine only once. Use the butterfly hint pencil at the bottom left corner of the sudoku board to help you win this experts sudoku game. To enable the sudoku hint option click on the pencil, then click on the empty sudoku space you are trying to fill. Next, choose the number you are thinking about playing and it will be entered at the bottom of the chosen sudoku space. To resume playing sudoku click on the pencil again to disable play.

Expert Spring Sudoku is one heck of a challenge and that is what makes it so fun! It is very exciting to use interesting sudoku techniques to conquer this advanced sudoku game. One such sudoku technique is called X-Wing. The X-Wing is a strategy that looks at single numbers in rows and columns. Use the X-Wing strategy and others on the hundreds of Expert Spring Sudoku games at Spring Sudoku.com. Let the sudoku games begin!

Busy Bee Sudoku Games

  • Watch out! If you enter an incorrect number on the sudoku board then time will be added to your game timer.
  • Use the butterfly hint pencil to take notes while playing Expert Spring Sudoku.
  • Strategies such as the X-Wing will help you win games at the Expert Sudoku level.


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