Hard Cinco de Mayo Sudoku

Hard Cinco De Mayo Sudoku is harder than wearing a ten pound sombrero while performing a Mexican folk dance. Hard but not impossible and a really fun free sudoku game! To win this challenging strategy game be prepared to employ advanced sudoku pattern finding techniques. Techniques such as the X-Wing strategy that looks as single numbers in rows and columns on the sudoku board.

The Hard Cinco De Mayo Sudoku board is all chillies and sombreros, a sudoku board that celebrates everything Cinco De Mayo! Beyond the fun Cinco De Mayo flavor the sudoku board is made up of nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3x3 squares. Each empty cell on the Hard Cinco De Mayo Sudoku board needs to be filled with the numbers one through nine to complete the sudoku game. Use the number filled sombreros on the sides of the sudoku board to play Hard Cinco De Mayo Sudoku with Mexican flair!

Heading down to the local Cinco De Mayo parade but still want to play Hard Cinco De Mayo Sudoku? Use your mobile device to play all Cinco De Mayo long! All 24/7 Sudoku games are available on the go! Play hundreds of Hard Cinco De Mayo Sudoku games, they are all unique on Cinco De Mayo Sudoku.com!

Spicy Puzzle Game

  • To win Hard Cinco De Mayo Sudoku players may need to use advanced techniques such as the X-Wing Strategy.
  • Hard Cinco De Mayo Sudoku has number filled sombreros to the left and right of the board that can be used to enter numbers on the sudoku board.
  • There are hundreds of different Hard Cinco De Mayo Sudoku games to play!


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