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Cinco de Mayo Easy Sudoku

Cinco De Mayo Easy is swinging at a pinata without a blindfold so grab a bat and bust this sudoku pinata wide open! Cinco De Mayo Easy is the perfect sudoku puzzle game for beginner players. It is even a great sudoku game for more seasoned players to just have fun and take a break from the more difficult sudoku games at Cinco De Mayo!

Play Cinco De Mayo Easy in the same fashion you would play other sudoku games. Simply place the numbers one through nine in each empty space on the sudoku board. The sudoku board is comprised of 3 different sections; nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3x3 square. Sudoku players may only enter digits one through nine in each section once.

Traveling to Mexico for Cinco De Mayo and need a fun strategy game to keep you entertained on the way there? Play Easy Cinco De Mayo Sudoku! All 24/7 Games are available on your mobile devices so you can take sudoku wherever you go!

Online Sudoku Party

  • If you are a beginner sudoku player the Easy Cinco De Mayo Sudoku is the game for you!
  • Cinco De Mayo Sudoku Easy is won by filling all the empty spaces on the sudoku board with the numbers one through nine.
  • Play Easy Cinco De Mayo Sudoku wherever you roam with 24/7 Games!


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