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Hard St. Patrick's Day Sudoku

Lucky leprechauns are hard to keep up with and so is St. Patricks Day Hard Sudoku! This web sudoku game is as hard as a piece of solid gold you'll find under the rainbow. Just try to take a bite out of Hard St. Patricks Day Sudoku and you will find out! And don't stop at just one bite of gold, there are hundreds of Hard St. Patricks Day Sudoku for you to chomp on!

Hard St. Patricks Day Sudoku is an exciting puzzle game that centers around the numbers one through nine. The sudoku board consists of nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3x3 squares. Sudoku players must fill each empty cell on the sudoku board with the digits one through nine. Sudoku strategy dictates that each row, column, and square are only allowed to have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 entered once.

Because Hard St. Patricks Day Sudoku requires more thoughtful selection and has fewer possible answers than Easy and Medium St. Patricks Day Sudoku, sudoku players may find it helpful to use the note taking option. You will find the friendly leprechaun pencil to the bottom right hand of the sudoku board. Click on the pencil, then select the space you would like to fill on the sudoku board. Next, select the number you are thinking of playing. These actions will highlight the selected number everywhere else it is on the board and add that number in the corner of your selected space on the sudoku board. Click on the sudoku pencil again to disable note taking mode and continue play. Good luck o' the Irish to ya!

Leprechaun Approved Puzzle Game

  • Leprechauns everywhere are testing their sudoku chops on Hard St. Patricks Day Sudoku!
  • Hard St. Patricks Day Sudoku is all about one through nine!
  • Enable note taking made with the leprechaun themed pencil to the bottom right corner of the sudoku board.


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