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Easter Easy Sudoku

Have you ever snuck over to the little kids section of the Easter egg hunt? It's so easy! It is as easy as Easter Easy Sudoku! Even if this is the first time you ever played Easter Sudoku then you can play this free strategy game! Easy Easter Sudoku is the simplest sudoku game around, basic logic rules the day at Easy Easter Sudoku! Several answers can be found on the Easter Sudoku board for ease of play. If you're times are still high, there are hundreds of Easy Easter Sudoku games to practice on!

The rules to Easy Easter Sudoku are so easy it's laughable! Simply fill the board with the numbers one through nine. The Easter Sudoku board consists of nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3x3 squares. But Hey Silly Rabbit! Tricks aren't just for kids! The trick to sudoku is that you can not enter the numbers 1 through 9 more than once in each column, row, or square. If you need a helping hand click on the bunny pencil to the bottom left corner of the sudoku board. The bunny pencil will enable the hint option that will help you win the Easy Easter Sudoku game!

It is thought that modern day sudoku may have been perfected by Howard Garns of Indiana. And don't get us wrong, Indiana is a lovely place to play sudoku but not all us can be in Indiana! Lucky for Easy Easter Sudoku lovers everywhere 24/7 games has mobile capability for all of their sudoku games! So you can play sudoku wherever you roam!

Online Rabbit Sudoku

  • Easy Easter Sudoku is as easy as stealing easter candy from a baby!
  • Use the bunny pencil at the left of the sudoku board to enable the sudoku hint option.
  • Play Easy Easter Sudoku wherever you are this Easter with 24/7 Mobile Games!


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