Hard Winter Sudoku

Winter weather can be hard if you do not have the right gear, the same goes for Hard Winter Sudoku! Players of Hard Winter Sudoku need to be ready to employ more advanced techniques of pattern finding to win this sudoku game. Logically chip away at the possibility of answers that each block within the sudoku game may hold and you will successfully win Hard Winter Sudoku! If you do not beat the first sudoku game you play, try, try again! There are hundreds of hard sudoku puzzles available to keep you playing all season!

Hard Winter Sudoku is played like the other online sudoku games at Winter Sudoku.com. Sudoku is comprised of a nine by nine board consisting of nine 3x3 squares. To win the sudoku puzzle game fill every open space in each column, each row, and 3x3 box in the sudoku board with the numbers one through nine. Be sure that you know the correct answer before attempting to enter a digit in an open space while playing Hard Winter Sudoku. If you enter the incorrect number into the space time will be added to your sudoku clock.

The Hard Winter Sudoku site has looks and they are not all for naught! You can use the snowflakes and sled pencil bordering the sudoku board to play the sudoku game. Use the snowflakes with numbers to enter the digits one through nine into the empty space on the sudoku grid. First select the space and the select the snowflake to enter the number! Click on the sled pencil to enable note taking on the sudoku grid. This is especially helpful on harder games like Hard Winter Sudoku!

Winter Puzzle Game

  • Hard Winter Sudoku requires more advanced techniques to win!
  • Time will be added to your sudoku clock if you enter the wrong number on the sudoku grid.
  • Use the pencil at the left of the sudoku board to enable note taking.


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