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Expert 4th of July Sudoku

Way to go! You are now a 4th of July Sudoku Expert! This is our top level of 4th of July Sudoku and if you can beat this online game you deserve a doctorate in Sudoku. Tell your friend to call you Dr. Sudoku! Play this game if you love lengthy, very advanced strategic game play that requires outside of the box sudoku reasoning. Play Expert 4th of July Suoku the same way that you play all other sudoku puzzles on this site. Place a digit one through nine only once in each row, column, and 3x3 box on the sudoku board. Completely fill the board to win this online game.

To win this web sudoku be prepared to take notes. You can do this by using the pencil icon in the bottom right corner of the sudoku game. The pencil both enables and disables notes when they are needed. While playing this expert sudoku game you will need to infuse some style while problem solving. A technique you can use is called X-Wing. Employing this style of play is when a number can only be entered into a row in the exact two places as one other row. Thus, that such number can only be placed into the upper right slot/bottom left spot, or the upper left slot/bottom right slot. With that discovered, that number can be removed from any other place in those columns on the sudoku board!

According to experts, there are enough number combinations to set a new Sudoku every day till the end of the universe. And there are hundreds of them here at 4th of July Sudoku! Use the X-Wing technique and others to win this unique and difficult web sudoku game! Also, be sure to remember that like all of our online sudoku games if you enter an incorrect number then time will be added to your counter, so this 4th of July, choose wisely!

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  • Hey Dr. Sudoku! You will need a PHD in strategy game to beat this sudoku puzzle!
  • Employ techniques such as X-Wing and use the pencil icon to take notes while at this level of sudoku.
  • Find hundreds of Expert 4th of July Sudoku games here with 24/7 games!


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